Direct to Garment Printing

Direct to garment printing (DTG) has been around since 2004. The technology started off as a technique that people could tinker with as an alternative to screen printing but the practicality wasn't there (upkeep, cost and precision); however, in the last couple of years the technology has really taken off. The printers are astonishingly versatile, they print any color ink on any colored cotton garment (including black garments) with great percision, vibrancy and sharpness with low upkeep and cost.

The real kicker with the DTG is the fact that the amount of colors in the image you're printing has no affect on pricing. The screen printing days of having to simplify designs to try and keep costs down are long gone. Now, don't get me wrong. I do think screen printing is a staple and a needed technique in the industry, truthfully we do it on a daily basis; however, there are pro's and con's to this technique. Screen printing is a fast technique that is perfect for high volume orders with a low amount of colors in the logos being printed. Where screen printing struggles is the small to medium sized orders that have intricate or color heavy designs. The DTG steps in beautifully to cover the short coming of screen printing. It has no minimum order! That's a huge advantage because it eliminates costly set-up fees and the need to purchase more shirts than are necessary or more than you'd like to have in stock.

Check out some of the beautiful shirts we've printed using the DTG printer on our instagram:

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