The garment embellishment industry is always evolving. The hardware and software updates have made the output quality and quantity exponentially leaps and bounds above from what shops were able to do even just a couple of years ago.

New techniques have also been implemented and are game changers! Dye-Sublimation is one of these new techniques. It allows for full color prints (at no on performance polyester garments (Dri-Fit/moisture wicking). The most impressive part of this technique is that unlike screen-printing the image never peels, fades or cracks. It becomes part of the garment and will always look vibrant and sharp.

This technique also helps in the consumer with a bit of relief in the pocket book. There are no set-up fees, like screen-printing screen and film fees per color, and additional locations printed are no sweat at all. The shirt becomes completely custom. Not to mention that the garments provide UPF protection from the sun and feature moisture wicking and some even have odor fighting enzymes.

What a time to be alive!

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