Perfect Apparel For Floridians

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

We really do live in paradise! Tropical and optically breathtaking.

The biggest hurdle is the heat we experience almost all year long. No need to panic, mostly not in this day and age. Performance fabrics have hit the industry and we will never look back. Light weight, moisture-wicking apparel with high durability is now the norm. The days of worrying if a garment will shrink, fade or change shape are behind us!

These performance garments also feature varying levels of UPF (UV ray protection) ratings that will alleviate some of the risk of getting skin cancer.

Don't fret, these garments can be made completely custom to your liking using screen-printing, direct to garment printing or embroidery.

These garments are available for the whole family. Adult, youth and even toddler sizes.

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