Screen Printing

Screen-pritning is a perfect technique for printing on any kind of shirt. 

 Screen Printing is the industry standard for producing multiple prints on a variety of apparel products. We print everything from single to multi-color graphics using the latest techniques in the printing industry.


Within our one stop shop model, one of the largest and most comprehensive services we offer is custom designed & screen printed apparel.  We employ cutting edge techniques with regard to inks, materials, & processes to make your next project shine. We find a harmonic balance between tradition and innovation so that your apparel has the very best in look, feel and quality.

Our staff boasts over 20 years of experience executing high quality custom screen printing services.  We offer the following screen-print services:

4 CL Process | Standard Plastisol | Water Ink | Simulated Process. 

This printing style executes a crisp ink displacement onto the shirt that is slightly raised and tactile and then is cured using heat. This printing style is not as permanent as dye-sublimation; however, for one time events and semi-permanent usage it's a home run.